Wildlife Rehabilitators
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Symposium 2019

Symposium 2019
January 26 -27

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Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina (WRNC) is a nonprofit, membership organization committed to sharing information and knowledge about wildlife rehabilitation for the benefit of native wildlife.

The main purpose of WRNC is to provide educational opportunities for rehabilitators and educators at all skill levels. As a new rehabilitator or an experienced rehabilitator we want to invite you to take advantage of these opportunities. In this day and age, it isn't necessary for somebody new to the field to reinvent the wheel. Much information is published and much can be learned by talking to more experienced rehabilitators, by attending classes, or by volunteering with another rehabilitator. Activities of WRNC include compiling a statewide listing of active rehabilitators, sending out a quarterly newsletter, producing resource lists, assisting rehabilitators with public education efforts and assisting with training classes and procedure materials.