Wildlife Rehabilitators
of North Carolina

Newsletter articles
Issue Issue Date TitleAuthor
62Spring 2017Message From The PresidentCathy Burns
62Spring 2017WRNC Symposium 2017 SummaryJean Chamberlain
62Spring 2017Wildlife Case Report: Sea Lion Pup:California Wildlife Ctr. Malibu, Ca.Duane Tom, DVM
62Spring 2017Continuing Ed. for Veterinarians & Veterinary Techicians at Lee-McRae CollegeAmber McNamara, DVM, CVA
62Spring 20172017 WRNC Raffle Donor ListRaffle Committee
62Spring 2017Smart As A FoxLinda Bergman-Althouse
62Spring 2017Past Newsletters are a great ResourseJean Chamberlain
62Spring 2017Wildlife Commission Seeks Information in Bald Eagle DeathWildlife Commission
62Spring 2017Four Chimney Swift Tower Grant Approvals in NCLinda Bergman-Althouse
62Spring 2017Cage Grant Award to Western NC RehablilitatorMathias Englemann
62Spring 2017WRNC Symposium From the Perspective of a Veterinary StudentJennifer Hayward
62Spring 2017HPAI Indentified in Tennesee Poultry
61Winter 2016Remember the Good ThingsMathias Engelmann
61Winter 2016Meet the CormorantLinda Bergman Althouse
61Winter 2016WRNC Still Looking for Cage Grant ApplicantsMathias Engelmann
61Winter 2016Appalachian Wildlife RefugeKimberly Brewster
61Winter 2016Winterinzing your FacilityMathias Engelmann
61Winter 2016Thank you to Outgoing MembersMathias Engelmand
60September/Fall 2016Asking for Help is Encouraged, Helping Others is VitalMathias Engelmann
60September/Fall 2016Turtles on the MoverLinda Bergman Althouse
60September/Fall 2016Effects of Feeding WildlifeHalley D. Buckanoff
60September/Fall 2016WRNC is Looking for Committee MembersMathias Engelmann
60September/Fall 2016Do you see the Fracture?Mathias Engelmand
60September/Fall 2016Tales from the FieldKelley Odell
60September/Fall 2016How to Age a Barred OwlMathias Engelmann
60September/Fall 2016Chimney Swift Tower Grant Program-Grant Award IncreaseLinda Bergman Althouse
59June/Summer 2016Fragile and Misunderstood FawnsLinda Bergman Althouse
59June/Summer 2016Nominating New WRNC Board MembersMathias Engelmann
59June/Summer 2016My Squirrel CageDeanna Epps
59June/Summer 2016Chimney Swift Tower Grant-Still Plenty of TimeLinda Bergman Althouse
59June/Summer 2016The RoadiePaul E. Spedding
59June/Summer 2016Eagle Scout ProjectsMathias Engelmann
59June/Summer 2016Resident Raptor Health CheckKristin Castellon
59June/Summer 2016CRC Rehablitaion SeminarMathias Engelmann
58March/Spring 2016Symposium Wrap upJean Chamberlain
58March/Spring 2016Lead Toxicity in Bald EaglesDavid E. Scott, DVM
58March/Spring 2016Two New Grants Approved for Chimney Swift Towers Linda Bergman-Althouse
58March/Spring 2016My Ground Hog DayKelley Odell
58March/Spring 2016WRNC Facebook PageCathy Burns
58March/Spring 2016Continuing EducationEditors
58March/Spring 2016Becoming a Certified Wildlife RehabilitatorHalley D. Buckanoff
58March/Spring 2016Staying Compliant with your NC Wildlife Rehabilitation LicenseCalley Gerber, Gerber Animal Law Center
58March/Spring 2016Dear JohnLinda Bergman-Althouse
58March/Spring 2016Wildlife Rehabilitator in Higher EducationNina Fischesser
58March/Spring 2016Cage Grant UpdateMathias Engelmann
58March/Spring 2016A Big Thank you to Our DonorsRaffle Committee
58March/Spring 2016Eagle CornerCarolina Raptor Center
58March/Spring 2016Educators and Rehavilitators and Migratory Bird Treaty Centenial 1916-2016Editors
57Winter 2014Message from the PresidentCarla Johnson
57Winter 2014We Gone Galapogos BlueLinda Bergman Althouse
57Winter 2014Newsletter Editor and Committee Members WantedMichelle Ray
57Winter 2014Chimney Swift Tower Grant DeadlineLinda Bergman Althouse
57Winter 2014Congratulation Lessie DavisEditor
57Winter 2014Board NominationsEditor
57Winter 2014Three Simple ReasonsMichelle Ray
57Winter 2014Baby Bobcat Calls on the Wildlife HotlineCarla Johnson
57Winter 2014Animal Help NowHalley Buckanoff
57Winter 2014A day in Possum HollerTom the Possum Wrangler
56Fall 2014How Much Do You Know About BaylisEditors
56Fall 2014Rehabilitation Alaska StyleSue Heritage
56Fall 2014Remembering Beth Knapp-TynerMicelle Ray
56Fall 2014Bear Encounters on the RiseEditor
56Fall 2014The Wood GhostLinda Bergman-Althouse
56Fall 2014Water WitchLinda Bergman Althouse
56Fall 2014Over-Wintering Easten Box TurtlesBonnie Graham
56Fall 2014Working Efficiently with Your VeterinarianMichelle Ray
55Summer 2014CRC Celebrates 30 Years in Latta Plantation Nuture PreserveMathias Engelmann
53Winter 2013WRNC 12th Annual Symposium January 24-26, Rocky Mount, NC Editors
53Winter 2013Meet the Candidates- Board Nominees 2014Editors
53Winter 2013Cage and Chimney Swift Tower GrantsEditors
53Winter 2013Calendar of EventsEditors
52Fall 2013Bird Banding Halley Buckanoff
52Fall 2013Creature Feature - Eastern King SnakeBrooks Long
51Summer 2013Ruptured Air SacsCalley Jones
51Summer 2013Emerging Fungal Disease in SnakesNicki Dardinger
51Summer 2013Creature Feature - House sparrowHalley Buckanoff
51Summer 2013Rabies Vector Species (RVS) Committee UpdateMichelle Ray
50Spring 2013Stop Bird Window CollisionsJean Chamberlain
50Spring 2013Mysterious Bat Die-Off Triggers AlarmNina Fischesser
50Spring 2013Bot Fly Information WantedNina Fischesser
50Spring 2013Member Spotlight—Sue Heritage
50Spring 2013Member Spotlight—Michelle Ray
50Spring 2013Creature Feature – Southern Flying Squirrel Tammy Greevers
49Winter 2012Beginner Basics - Reducing StressJean Chamberlain
49Winter 2012Image is EverythingHalley Buckanoff
49Winter 2012Tales from the Field - Saving SnappersSavannah Trantham
49Winter 2012Call of the Wild - Problems with "Hoot" OwlsTammy Greeves
49Winter 2012Creature Feature - Chimney SwiftCarol Kaczmarek
48Fall 2012Do Birds Have a Sense of Smell?Jean Chamberlain
48Fall 2012Radiographic Progress - A Case StudyDr.David Scott
48Fall 2012Beginner BasicsToni O'Neil
48Fall 2012IWRC/NWRA Minimum Standards UpdatedHalley Buckonoff
48Fall 2012Call of the Wild - Turtle on the MoveMary Gold
48Fall 2012Creature Feature - American CrowTammy Greeves
47Summer 2012Imprinting - Part 3Jean Chamberlain
47Summer 2012Night Time Hunting of CoyotesNicki Dardinger
47Summer 2012Beginner Basics - Do what’s best for the animal!Jean Chamberlain
47Summer 2012Call of the WildMary Gold
47Summer 2012Tales from the Field Halley Buckanoff
47Summer 2012Creature Feature - White-breasted NuthatchCarol Kaczmarek
46Spring 2012Imprinting - Part 2Jean Chamberlain
46Spring 2012Nematodes in HeronsAmelia Mason
46Spring 2012Trends in Patient Admission to the Carolina Raptor CenterJohn Dow and David Scott, DVM
46Spring 2012Beginner Basics - EuthanasiaJean Chamberlain
46Spring 2012Spring Into On-CallMary Gold
46Spring 2012Update from NC Wildlife Resources CommissionDaron Barnes
46Spring 2012Creature Feature - IrruptionsCarol Kaczmarek
45Winter 2011Imprinting - Part 1Jean Chamberlain
45Winter 2011Beginner Basics - Stay Healthy!!!Jean Chamberlain
45Winter 2011IWRC 2011, Asheboro, NCNicki Dardinger
45Winter 2011Spotlight - David Jasper
45Winter 2011Trophic Feeding Categories - OmnivoresElizabeth Hanrahan
45Winter 2011Tools for TrainingNicki Dardinger
45Winter 2011Call of the Wild - Handling Wildlife CallsStephanie Henson
45Winter 2011Tales from the Field - Be CarefulToni O'Neil
45Winter 2011Creature Feature - Barred OwlCarol Kaczmazek
43March 2011Great Blue Heron ParasitismAmelia Mason
43March 2011Brown Recluse Spider Bite in SquirrelDee Dee Macaulay
43March 2011WRNC Symposium 2011 in ReviewJean Chamberlain
43March 2011Tools for TrainingNicki Dardinger
43March 2011Spotlight - Christina Hildreth
43March 2011Partnering with a VeterinarianJean Chamberlain
43March 2011Trophic Feeding Categories of BirdsElizabeth Hanrahan
43March 2011Creature Feature - Southern Flying SquirrelCarol Kaczmarek
42January 2011Tools for TrainingNicki Dardinger
42January 2011Spotlight - Wanda AngelSpotlight
42January 2011Learning Song: When do Young Birds Learn to Sing?Jean Chamberlain
42January 2011Safety Comes First!Jean Chamberlain
42January 2011Trophic Feeding Categories - Part IIElizabeth Hanrahan
42January 2011Creature Feature - Ring-Billed GullElizabeth Hanrahan
42January 2011Release Boxes for Virginia OpossumsToni O'Neil
41October 2010Adventures in ChinaLaurie Degernes
41October 2010Fawn Rehabilitation Grows on the CoastLinda Bergman
41October 2010Wildlife Rehabilitation at the CoastElizabeth Hanrahan
41October 2010Spotlight - Lou Browning
41October 2010Squirrel Delivered by Cab - Tales from the FieldAnn Rogers
41October 2010Trophic Feeding Categories of SongbirdsElizabeth Hanrahan
41October 2010Keep RecordsJean Chamberlain
41October 2010Chimney Swifts Depend on Us & We on Them!Linda Bergman
41October 2010Purple Martin Rejoins FlockUnknown
41October 2010Norther Flicker - Creature FeatureUnknown
41October 2010Gulf Oil Spill, Part IICarol Kaczmarek
40June 2010Oil Spill 2010Carol Kaczmarek
40June 2010Spotlight - Maria Rush (OWLS)Linda Bergman
40June 2010Sited at the Crossroads - Tales from the FieldLinda Bergman
40June 2010Mourning Dove - Creature FeatureUnknown
40June 2010Reuniting NestlingsElizabeth Hanrahan
40June 2010Deer Fawn MyiasisUnknown
40June 2010The Makings of a BeakBetty O'Leary
39March 2010Making the world a better placeBeth Knapp-Tyner
39March 2010Winter Storm Dampens SymposiumJean Chamberlain
39March 2010Physical Exam: Take It From The TopJean Chamberlain
39March 2010Chimney Swift Tower Grants Make A MarkLinda Bergman
39March 2010We Must Be Going . . Time For a Cottontail to go?Shaina Wirth & Chris Lewis
39March 2010For Herons, Danger Lurks in Icy PondsJennifer Gordon
39March 2010Squirrels in the AtticBonnie Bradshaw
39March 2010Center Launches Program to Help Home RehabbersGail Abrams
39March 2010Traffic CasualtyJean Chamberlain
39March 2010In The SpotlightSue Fields
39March 2010The Hidden Life of Deer (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
39March 2010Staying On Track - Conflict / CommunicationGeorge Ewing
39March 2010Eastern Bluebirds - Creature FeatureLinda Bergman
38December 2009Practicing Principles of the Physical ExamJean Chamberlain
38December 2009Rabbit GI: Uniquely UniqueRandy Atkinson, Shaina Wirth & Chris Lewis
38December 2009Modifying a Feeding NippleAllan & Shirley Casey
38December 2009Handling a Hotline, and Keeping Your CoolGeorge Ewing
38December 2009When a Caller Won't Let GoLynn Mastin
38December 2009What's In A Name?Carol Kaczmarek
38December 2009In The SpotLightCarolyn Powell
38December 2009The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
37September 2009WRNC Proposes Special RVS PermitJean Chamberlain
37September 2009Update: GI Conditions, Changes With EsbilacShirley & Allan Casey
37September 2009Update: GI Conditions, Changes With EsbilacShirley & Allan Casey
37September 2009Taming A ConflictGeorge Ewing
37September 2009What's Up, Doc: Rabbits 101Randy Atkinson, Shaina Wirth & Chris Lewis
37September 2009Making the Most of WinterCarol Kaczmarek
37September 2009Planning Ahead - Part IIIElizabeth Hanrahan
37September 2009Before Physical Exam, Take Time To ObserveJean Chamberlain
37September 2009On the Trail of BacteriaMelissa Turner & Christopher S. DePerno, PhD
37September 2009In The SpotLightAnne Mathis
37September 2009Summer World - A Season of Bounty (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
37September 2009Standing TallLinda Bergman
37September 2009Meet The Real 'Mother Goose'Jennifer Gordon
36June 2009Baby Opossum Positive For RabiesBeth Knapp-Tyner
36June 2009Tamiflu For Wildlife? Health Officials Say NoJennifer Gordon
36June 2009Practicing Medicine - How Far Should Rehabbers Go?Nimette Soli
36June 2009Saving Wildlife Through EducationCarol Kaczmarek
36June 2009Into The Wild - Bailey & Bentley, Begin a New LifeBeth Knapp-Tyner
36June 2009Don't Fall Into A Trap: Know The LawJennifer Gordon
36June 2009Planning Ahead - Part IIElizabeth Hanrahan
36June 2009Swift Action: Towers Are Up!Linda Bergman
36June 2009I Wish I Had Asked . . .Jean Chamberlain
36June 2009Flyaway: How a Wild Bird Rehabber Sought Adventure & Found Her Wings (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
36June 2009At Home In The BackyardLauren Basham
36June 2009An Oily MessElizabeth Hanrahan
36June 2009In The SpotLightJeanette Schmitt
35March 20092009 Chimney Swift Tower Grant Awards: Votes Are In!Linda Bergman
35March 2009News You Can UseThomas Taylor
35March 2009Preparing For The WorstElizabeth Hanrahan
35March 2009Shhhhh! Bunnies In RehabJean Chamberlain
35March 2009Danger At The Landfill For RaptorsJean Chamberlain
35March 2009A Fox Squirrel Gets A Second ChanceMarie Strouse
35March 2009Alex & Me (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
35March 2009Plunge DiversLinda Bergman
35March 2009In The SpotLightMarti Tripp Brinson
34December 2008Fixing A FractureElizabeth Hanrahan
34December 2008Preparing Squirrels For Life After RehabJean Chamberlain
34December 2008Rabies Vaccine Still ScarceCarol Kaczmarek
34December 2008Power Lines Versus RaptorsElaine Corvidae
34December 2008The Oystercatcher That Wouldn't FlyElizabeth Hanrahan
34December 2008Coyote (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
34December 2008In The SpotlightMarie Strouse
33September 2008Chimney Swifts? Relax!Shirley Needham
33September 2008A Wildlife Detective On The CaseJenessa Gjeltema
33September 2008Building a Case Against CrueltyBrenda Hiles & Jennifer Gordon
33September 2008See How Their Garden GrowsSharon "Cookie" Holt
33September 2008Surviving a WildfireBrenda Hiles
33September 2008Running A-Fowl of Nature (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
33September 2008Snakes Alive!Elizabeth Hanrahan
33September 2008An Opossum And A Teachable MomentAudrey Cutright
33September 2008In The SpotLightKathy Lillard
32June 2008Songbirds in declineBrenda Hiles
32June 2008Raising meal worms requires...Well, not much!!Lauren Basham
32June 2008Restaurant shopping center owner charged in Currituck CountyElizabeth Hanrahan
32June 2008Young owls get a second chanceTeresa Hurdle
32June 2008In The SpotlightCarol Kaczmarek
32June 2008An Animal's (Natural) History Determines its FutureJean Chamberlain
32June 2008A Swift ReactionLinda Bergman
32June 2008Pigeons - Fascinating Saga of World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
32June 2008Insurance Offered For Wildlife RehabbersJennifer Gordon
32June 2008Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (Creature Feature)Elizabeth Hanrahan
31March 2008Who would shoot an Eagle?Elizabeth Hanrahan
31March 2008Studying at HomeBrenda Hiles
31March 2008Deciding right from wrongElizabeth Hanrahan
31March 2008In The SpotLightMary Ellen Rogers
31March 2008Using a Little RestraintJean Chamberlain
31March 2008A Swift IdeaLinda Bergman
31March 2008Chuck-Will's Widow (Creature Feature)Hanrahan
30December 2007Water, water, nowhereElizabeth Hanrahan and J. Chris Turner
30December 2007Beware of dogsToni O'Neil
30December 2007Stuck on a SnakeElizabeth Hanrahan
30December 2007Building Better BonesJean Chamberlain
30December 2007Common Grackle (Creature Feature)Elizabeth Hanrahan
29September 2007Avian Identification to ReleaseElizabeth Hanrahan
29September 2007Bird populations reel from West Nile Virus
29September 2007Beavers in my BathtubBeth Knapp-Tyner
29September 2007The Squirrel Girl - In Memory OfJerry Moody
29September 2007Mountain Year (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
29September 2007Cedar Waxwing (Creature Feature)Elizabeth Hanrahan
28June 2007Bill would withdraw OK for Navy landing fieldJennifer Gordon
28June 2007A Fix for feathersMathias Engelmann
28June 2007Tips for (acquatic) turtlesElizabeth Hanrahan
28June 2007One Caretaker PrincipleJean Chamberlain
27March 2007For snakes sake'sJennifer Grooms
27March 2007BlogsLinda Bergmann
27March 2007The Babies are growing. It's Time to WeanJean Chamberlain
27March 2007American Crow (Creature Feature)Elizabeth Hanrahan
26December 2006On a Wild Goose Chase? Try these tipsJennifer Gordon
25August 2006The Paper Trail: What permits do you need?Beth Knapp-Tyner
25August 2006You found a Fawn. So Now What?Justin McVey
25August 2006Managing Stress: Keeping Rehabbers HealthyLinda Bergman
25August 2006Battling Rabies with Vaccine Bait (Again)
25August 2006Dehydration 101: getting Plenty of FluidsJean Chamberlain
24June 2006Up in the Air: Rehabilitating FlycatchersElizabeth Hanrahan
24June 2006Finch Eye Treatment: at What Cost?Bobby Schopler
24June 2006Disaster's over. What now? Part 3Elizabeth Hanrahan
24June 2006The Professional Wildlife RehabilitatorLinda Bergman
24June 2006Rats: Observation on the History & Habitat (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
23March 2006On the trail of Avian InfluenzaBrenda Hiles
23March 2006One Size Doesn't Fit allToni O'Neil
23March 2006Developing a Disaster Plan Part 2Elizabeth Hanrahan
23March 2006One Rabbit's Amazing RecoveryJeanette Schmitt
23March 2006Danger in the Water: Ospreys and MercuryHeidi Aldermen
23March 2006Keeping Chronic Wasting Disease at Bay
23March 2006The Pig Who Sang to the Moon (Bk Cnr)Brenda Hiles
22December 2005Developing a Disaster Plan Part 1Elizabeth Hanrahan
22December 2005Avian Flu: What Rehabbers Need to KnowBrenda Hiles & Sally Davis
21September 2005State Airdrops Rabies Vaccine for Raccoons
21September 2005Dangers lurking at the bird feederElizabeth Hanrahan
20June 2005KilldeerToni O'Neil
20June 2005Banded Birds for WRNCElizabeth Hanrahan
17Summer 2004Questions About CoyotesJean Chamberlain
16April 2004Sea Turtle Stranding and SalvageElizabeth Hanrahan
16April 2004Wildlife Rehabilitators Contribute to ScienceMathias Engelmann
15January 2004Physical Examination of a Raptor, part 2Mathias Engelmann
14Autumn 2003Physical Examinination of a Raptor, part 1Mathias Engelmann
14Autumn 2003Pinkie SquirrelsJennifer Burgin
11December 2002Internship at the Blue Ridge Wildlife InstituteBrooke Jenkins
10September/December 2002The Age of a BirdMathias Engelmann
10September/December 2002State Organizations Meet For a "First Time" Think TankNina Fischesser