Symposium Handouts

We are still working to post a couple of the handouts. Check back later if the one you want isn’t posted yet. This page will be available until February 29.

Beginner Track
Introduction to Rehabilitation
Basic Medical Terminology for Beginners
Medical Math for Small Mammal Rehabbing
Working with Your Vet
Rehabbing Opossums 101
Rehabilitating Squirrels 101
Handling Wildlife Calls
Observation: First Look at an Old Problem – none
Mammal Physical Exam Lab

Meet the Woodchuck Rehabbing Considerations, Table of Feeding
Beak Anomalies
Here Be Dragons
Opossums 201
Release Criteria for Birds
Where to Release Songbirds
Kindergarten for Wood Ducks
Captive Rearing of Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
Avian Physical Exam Lab Glossary
Rehabilitating Squirrels 201
Captive Rearing of Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
Albinism in Humans & Wildlife: Myth vs Truth
Failure to Thrive in Small Mammals
Environmental Enrichment in a Rehab Setting
Release Protocols for Small Mammals: Squirrels and mice, Flying Squirrels
Fluid Therapy Lecture
Fluid Therapy Lab – none
Feather Imping Lab
Bat House Building Workshop

Advanced/Vet CE
Compassion Fatigue
Zoonotic Potential & Disease Control
Amphibian Medicines
Eyes & Eye Injuries in Raptors
Large Bird Bandaging Lab – none
Handling & Restraint of Wildlife
Turtle Shell Repair Lab – none

RVS Training
Introduction to RVS
RVS Regulations
Rabies, the Disease & Vaccinations
Captive Rearing & Rehabilitation of Striped Skunks, Skunk Protocols
Captive Rearing & Rehabilitating of North American Foxes
Raccoon Rehab – unavailable at this time
Raccoon Rehab (continued)
Bats 101 Neonates
Bat Rehab
Bats 101 Injuries
RVS & Vets