Symposium 2023 Handouts

There are a few handouts still to come in. Please check back later for those.
The handouts will be available here for the rest of the year.

Beginner Track
Introduction to Rehabilitation
Basic Medical Terminology for Beginners
Mammal Physical Exam Form
Zoonosis: Sanitation/Keeping it Clean
Capture & Restraint of Small Mammals and Birds
Medical Math for Small Mammal Rehabbing
Rehabbing Opossums
Rehabilitating Squirrels 101
Handling Wildlife Calls
Mammal Physical Exam Lab

Avian Physical Exam Lab Glossary
Fluid Therapy Lecture
Fluid Therapy Lab – none
Baby Bird ID – none
Compassion Fatigue
Everything Bird
Feather Imping
Herptile Care
Is Mentoring for You?
Alternate Habitat for Chimney Swifts
Beaver Rehab
Tips & Tricks for Raising Songbirds Roundtable – none

Advanced/Vet CE
Large Bird Bandaging Lab – none
Turtle Shell Repair Lab – none
Handling and Restraint
Songbird Bandaging Lab
Wound Care
Avian Ophthamology
Herptile Medicine
Critical and Intensive Care
Emerging Reptile and Amphibian Diseases
Avian Influenza
Raptor Spinal and Ocular Trauma
New USDA Regulations
CWD: NC Surveillance and Response Plan
Chelonian Anatomy, husbandry & Triage
Feather Imping
Vertebrate Anatomy

RVS Training
Introduction to RVS
RVS Regulations
Rabies, the Disease & Vaccinations
Rehabilitation of Striped Skunks,
Rehabilitating of North American Foxes
Raccoon Rehab
Bat-seasons-pups Pups of the Eastern US